Zachary Fischman's Mitzvah Project

Zachary Fischman

At just 13 years old, Zachary Fischman embarked on a remarkable fundraising endeavor for his Bar Mitzvah last year, driven by a desire to support his local community’s EMS agency, Harrison EMS and the non-profit organization, Medic.

With the guidance of his father, Zachary came up with a brilliant plan. Instead of simply collecting old cellphones, he decided to resell the newer phones for cash and donate any unsold phones to the Medic organization. Any other phones that couldn’t be sold or used were then recycled properly at a recycling plant located in Colorado.

The profits from Zachary’s donation campaign totaled $2,000!! The money was then donated to The Harrison Emergency Medical Services, who gratefully acknowledged Zachary’s efforts and the positive impact it would have on their life-saving work for the local community. Zachary's Mitzvah donation project is a testament to the power of collaboration and selflessness, leaving a lasting impact on the community and inspiring others to find creative ways to support causes dear to their hearts.

Harrison EMS is truly thankful for all the hard work and effort Zachary put into his donation project!